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AGRICULTURE INVESTMENT NIGERIA Nigeria provides incentives for investments that are competitive on a global scale and offers a set of enablers for agribusiness investors. The support measures include regulations, tax-free structures, competitive and low-cost labor force and investment incentives.
SOLID MINERALS SECTOR NIGERIA Nigeria offers proven potential for mining investors. with a variety of solid minerals of various categories ranging from precious metals to various precious stones and industrial minerals. About 40 different kinds of solid minerals and precious metals buried in Nigerian soil

Top choice for establishing a global business in Africa


If you are looking for a strategic location for your expansion project, in whatever shape or form, Nigeria – the Africa region – offers you a unique blend of advantages. Hundreds of transnational companies are already deriving great benefit from these assets. In other words, setting up or expanding a business in Nigeria can be summed up by two adjectives: smooth and easy.

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Top choice for establishing a global business in Africa

These are just a few of the leading companies that have discovered the benefits of Nigeria’s unique essence: