IOR Services in Nigeria


Export to Nigeria is highly regulated. However, with Industrial Renaissance Ltd. as your legal representative in Nigeria, you can export to Nigeria faster and without import licenses – by using our IOR services.

Our IOR services in Nigeria allows you to import your products without acquiring import licenses. You also wouldn’t have any tax liabilities as we will pay all the taxes. The key advantage is that you are using our already existing legal entity, i.e. Industrial Renaissance Ltd.


The process of obtaining all the necessary licenses for exporting to Nigeria can take months. If you do not have this time to wait or you wish to import goods only a few times, using IOR services in Nigeria is the solution. With Industrial Renaissance Ltd IOR services, you can start exporting to Nigeria immediately using Industrial Renaissance as your IOR in Nigeria.

Customs regulations in Nigeria are complex and getting to know each legislation would consume a lot of time. You do not need to comply with the legal formalities to export to Nigeria when you work with IOR services. And if you are an individual exporter who is dealing with some one-time consignment, then it is very impractical to get into the long-drawn-out process of obtaining permits in Nigeria. What you require is an expert IOR services in Nigeria that can help you in your export processes within the Nigerian territory.

For exports to Nigeria, the entity or consignee responsible for customs clearance has to be based in Nigeria, and must be licensed by the Nigerian Customs Service (“NCS”). Industrial Renaissance Ltd is dully registered as an entity in Nigeria and is licensed by the NCS as a customs broker and customs agent. This allows a smooth and seamless clearance process for your consignments to Nigeria, and of course, reducing the risk of your shipment getting stuck at customs. Our IOR services enables you to trade in Nigeria without opening a separate legal entity in the country.

You don’t need to worry about any tax liabilities in Nigeria as that will be covered by Industrial Renaissance as the IOR. We offer cost-effective solutions to companies which do not want to setup a direct office in the country.

Industrial Renaissance as an IOR in Nigeria provides seamless legal compliance services to overseas companies and exporters looking to access the Nigerian market. Our IOR services take the burden of complying with the Nigerian laws off your shoulders. It will be our responsibility as an IOR to comply with the relevant trade laws in Nigeria. To not have your exports to Nigeria stuck in the customs is to obtain all the required licenses beforehand or to use IOR services in Nigeria.

Using Industrial Renaissance as your importer of record means that you don’t need to worry about overcoming logistical, regulatory, or language barriers. An importer of record service enables you to focus on your core business — no need to waste your time on getting to know the local regulations, or dealing with the Nigerian Customs. Industrial Renaissance will handle the customs clearance, licensing, storage, transportation, etc. for you. Our door to door service covers among other things, pick up, carriers (either by sea or air).

For enquiries on IOR Services in Nigeria (the largest market in Africa), contact a member of our team directly, WhatsApp +234 818 701 9206, or email at