Clearing Agent in Onne Port, Nigeria

Customs clearance in Onne Port has to be swift and accurate – that’s why you need Industrial Renaissance Ltd.


Industrial Renaissance provides customs clearance at Onne Port, Rivers state, Nigeria as well as at other shipping ports in Nigeria such as Apapa Port, Tin Can Island Port, and Calabar Port. Our vast experience will ensure your customs clearance will be handled by our professional team of experts, and with many companies using now using the Onne Port as their base for import of goods into Nigeria, many of them turn to Industrial Renaissance for customs clearance services at the Onne Port.

Our logistics and customs experts will be able to provide you with customs clearance solutions for even the most complex process requests, and it’s our intent to enhance any logistics or customs procedures you may already have in place with our own streamlined processes to achieve swift and smooth customs clearance in Onne Port, Nigeria.


At Industrial Renaissance, we know the ins and outs of customs clearance and are well aware of the pitfalls that could stall or even halt your customs clearance in Nigeria. The complex documentation and mandatory processes are updated constantly by the Nigeria Customs Service, which is why we maintain up to the minute knowledge of all the customs clearance practices in place at each port, together with making any declarations required. One of the benefits of using us as a clearing agent in Onne Port is that we can often save you money from overpaying VAT, duty, or penalty fees.

Whether you import or export, using a customs clearing agent in Onne Port is simpler with Industrial Renaissance – our import services include everything from diplomatic services, customs declarations, processing customs inspection, customs assessment, customs clearance, filing the customs papers, making duty and VAT payments, and arranging the last-mile delivery of the shipments.

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Customs Clearing Agents in Onne Port, Nigeria