Clearing Agent in Tin Can Island Lagos Port

As one of Nigeria’s largest shipping ports, customs clearance at the Tin Can Island Port needs a company qualified to handle it swiftly and efficiently. Boasting a double tide and deep water channel, Tin Can Island Port in Lagos accommodates large ships, and cargo shipments varying from consumer goods, new cars, used cars, or tokunbo vehicles from all over the world. Many traders and importers use Industrial Renaissance Ltd. customs clearing services to take care of their custom clearance needs at the Tin Can Island Lagos Port – safely, quickly, and as smoothly as possible.

Industrial Renaissance provides effective customs clearance at the Tin Can Island Port and most of the shipping ports in Nigeria – from Apapa and Onne to Onitsha and Calabar. With Industrial Renaissance’s experience, your customs clearance requirements can be handled with reliability and speed. With many of our satisfied customers using the Tin Can Island Port for imports, they’ve found that customs clearance at the Tin Can Island Port is easier with Industrial Renaissance customs clearing services.


With years of experience in customs clearance, Tin Can Island Port in Lagos is just one part of our shipping centers network that spans in Nigeria, allowing us to process customs clearance quickly and efficiently; our team of dedicated experts includes customs, logistics, and technical operatives who can take care of your customs clearance requirements however complex. We are here to provide you with complete customs clearance solutions in Nigeria, taking over where your own shipping and handling processes leave off and achieving customs clearance as effectively as possible.

Complex clearance documentation and customs processes can take a lot of time and effort to stay abreast of. Industrail Renaissance is always up to code and have a thorough understanding of the procedures necessary to complete a smooth customs clearance, at the same time making customs declarations and ensuring that fees, VAT, and import duties are paid.

We run all our processes and services in such a way that our customers will be happy, satisfied and will always come back to us for more patronage. Our unparalleled attention to detail makes us the leading customs clearing agents in Nigeria for all requirements, regardless of size.


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Clearing Agent in Tin Can Island Lagos Port