Licensed Customs Clearing Agents at Onitsha Port, Nigeria

At Industrial Renaissance Ltd., we offer a broad range of custom clearance services for importers and traders whose cargo and shipment are billed for delivery at the Onitsha Port, South East, Nigeria. If you want to take advantage of the closeness of the Onitsha River Port to clear your cargo that has been imported into Nigeria, our team at Industrial Renaissance will be ready to help you with all aspects of the customs clearing process at cost-effective rates.

We are one of the top licensed customs clearing agents in Nigeria and fully dedicated with a high sense of professionalism to providing our clients with the best custom clearance services in Nigeria for imports and exports of consignments. Our aim is to come up with the entire satisfaction of our clients. We are bound to give the right advice, afford guidance, and execute the assigned tasks promptly and efficiently. Our team will take full responsibility for all imports and exports deadlines in order to avoid expensive and time-consuming delays.


We provide customs brokerage and remove hurdles concerning custom clearance services at the Onitsha Port. Tons of cargos are imported into Nigeria from overseas leading to protracted congestion of the Apapa and Tincan Island Ports, and delays in the clearance of goods. Now, importers have to take advantage of other ports in Nigeria to clear goods at reduced costs without delays.

Compliance with the laid down guidelines is required to clear goods and consignment in Nigeria. There must be, proper documentation and payment of all the required fees, duties, and taxes. At Industrial Renaissance, we not only provide our clients with customs clearance services but with safety and security.


While dealing with transportation matters, it becomes vital to opt for an appropriate and trustworthy clearing agent regarding taxes and customs declaration issues. We understand how unpleasant, costly, and risky it can be in order to choose an unreliable and irresponsible company. We always have to deal with documentation filing and custom clearance services to ensure our identity and prestige and reputation are preserved so that our clients keep coming back.

We seek the instant solution to your hurdles either you want a shipment or cargo your goods. The foremost part which makes us renowned in the market is the standard we have got. With ardent responsibility, we manage a full-fledged procedure in the context of taxes. We are not indifferent to how much unexpected loss can happen if your cargo or shipment is not cleared on time. It can turn to be a penalty for you too for not choosing the authoritative company to handle your transportation meeting legitimate requirements.

Our Clearing Process:

Industrial Renaissance Ltd. plays a conscious role in dealing with your shipment projects with keen leadership and rational logistical strategy. Under the supervision of our experienced leader, our team is specialized in using the latest and modern technology regarding documentation procedures, etc.

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Licensed Customs Clearing Agents at Onitsha Port, Nigeria