Registered Clearing Agents in Nigeria

Importing goods into Nigeria can bring with it a mountain of red tape to consider. When needing a customs agent in Nigeria, it makes sense to choose registered clearing agents in Nigeria with proven track record and reputation as trusted and reliable in the industry. A reputable clearing agent or customs broker in Nigeria will be proactive in achieving and exceeding compliance while understanding the needs of each individual importer or consignee.

Industrial Renaissance has been providing the highest level of service in regards to customs clearance and is known as a leader in the field with a commitment to exceeding excellence.

Industrial Renaissance clients must be provided with an accurate clearance quote in order to create a smooth process from beginning to end and avoid any unnecessary delays or penalties, all at the best possible price. At Industrial Renaissance, we do not cut corners and we leave no stone unturned in making sure that all of the documentation is correct before the goods leave the Nigerian ports. We consistently endeavour to fulfil our motto, “simply no higher level of service.”


We clear parcels, cargo and shipping containers that enter the Apapa Port, Tin Can Island Port, Onne Port, Calabar Port, Onitsha Port, Lagos Airport or Abuja Airport. In order words, our services as registered clearing agents in Nigeria extend to clearing of air shipments and sea shipments. As customs and shipping experts, we endeavour to forge enduring relationships with all our clients, learning the intricacies of each individual business, enabling our standards of service to far exceed other clearing agents. Our approach gives us unique insights into each client’s requirements, helping us to anticipate any potential issues before they affect their business.


The extant regulation in Nigeria requires an importer or trader to use a Licenced Customs Agent to lodge documentation with the Nigeria Customs Service.

Industrial Renaissance has a high reputation in handling customs clearance, from general customs entries through to consultancy on every scale. Our registered clearing agents in Nigeria will guide you through the process.


  • Electronic Entry of Imported Goods
  • Clearing Live Entries
  • Electronic Funds Transfer for Duty Payments
  • Duty Drawback Calculation
  • Landed Into-Store Costing Facilities
  • Remote Client Access
  • Quarantine Formalities
  • Shipment Monitoring and Status Reports
  • Dumping Formalities
    Arranging Local Transport and Last Mile Deliveries
  • Technical Valuation and Legislation Advice
    Tariff Classification Advice and Listing
  • Consultancy Services
  • Online track & trace facilities give you access to information on the progress of your shipment 24/7.

Navigating Nigeria’s customs regulations is complex. Let our team of experts guide you through them. Our in-house customs brokers are easy to deal with. We’ll take the load off your shoulders and guide you through the process making it simple and fast.

To maintain customer relationship, we are dedicated to the best quality of service and standards of shipment clearance. Our unparalleled attention to detail makes us the top customs clearing agents in Nigeria for all requirements, regardless of size.


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Registered Clearing Agents in Nigeria