Vehicle Clearing Agents in Nigeria

Through its specialist vehicle clearing agents in Nigeria, Industrial Renaissance Ltd. deals with all of your Nigeria Customs enquiries, queries, and needs. With broad experience specializing in the customs clearance of vehicles in Nigeria, Industrial Renaissance will assist you with the proper information required for the import of your vehicle into Nigeria.

As licensed Customs clearing agents in Nigeria, Industrial Renaissance understands and works closely with the Nigerian Customs Service and other government agencies to ensure that your vehicle is not held improperly at the port adding delays and costs to your shipment.

You can be assured of the best possible advice, every eventuality covered, and efficient, trouble-free service at all times.


If you are importing a vehicle from abroad to Nigeria, this is a breakdown of steps you need to take to make that a seamless process:

Before you take the plunge:

  • What’s the current naira exchange rate to the US dollar?
  • What are the import duties and taxes on the vehicle? They vary depending on the make and model and the relevant HS code.
  • Will the vehicle meet Nigeria Customs import requirements?


  • Make sure your vehicle is admissible to Nigeria based on the specifications of the Nigeria Customs.
  • Contact a clearing agent that is fully licensed by the Nigeria Customs Service (ask for the agent’s customs licensed papers).


Dealing with Customs can be a difficult, problematic, and time-consuming task. All vehicles whether, new, used or tokunbo vehicles imported into Nigeria must be cleared through licensed customs agents.

Customs clearance has to be obtained whether shipping containers or using the Roll on Roll off (RoRo) service to ship a vehicle into Nigeria.

Vehicle dealers and importers in Nigeria are provided with an accurate clearance quote by Industrial Renaissance, a fully licensed customs broker in Nigeria who is determined to create a smooth process from beginning to end and to avoid any unnecessary delays or penalties, all at the best possible price. Our team leaves no stone unturned in making sure that all of the documentation is correct before your vehicle is cleared from the port. We deal directly with the Nigeria Customs Service and we electronically process all vehicle import documents. We consistently thrive to fulfill our motto, “simply no higher level of service®.”


To learn more about how Industrial Renaissance can help you import your vehicle into Nigeria without penalties or delays; contact us and get it right the first time.

Call at 0818 701 9206 or email to discuss your customs needs.



Vehicle Clearing Agents in Nigeria